Vacation almost over

It's hard to believe that our vacation is almost over,  tomorrow we start the adventure back home, there has been a lot of storms here so we may be delayed, not sure how long etc.

Today i spent the day with my Poppa, as i was leaving he told me to make sure to be at his funeral, that broke me, i cannot handle him talking like that, he told me he is ready to die now and dont want to suffer anymore.
Also got to see my cousin Marcie
The one that 30 of you helped me send cards to..
she showed me all the cards and you guys, THANK YOU so much, she said it really brightened her day and she loved getting the mail.

I love you guys for helping me to do this for her.

We are headed to our friends house now for good bye cake and slush- 
I'll talk to you guys when i can <3 


  1. Enjoy the last bit of your vacation Terri! Soak it all in. And stay strong, because you ARE strong! Love and prayers to you and your family xo

  2. Give grandpa the warmest and deepest hug deep from your soul. Drive carefully and looking forward to hearing of your safe return.

  3. Time really goes by so fast when on vacation, doesn't it? Hope you enjoy the last hours of it!



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