Busy Monday

This has been a busy Monday
Hubby took Brooke skiing for the day so i started cleaning, unpacking, etc
I unpacked everything from our trip {there was a lot}
I had to unpack 3 suitcases{i wanna learn to pack light}
I had to get laundry started
then decided to put away presents and things we brought home with us {BIG job}
Then because i was feeling energetic i took Christmas down and packed it all away, reorganized my house as well.....
Started changing bedding in the beds as well {we had 2 people staying here before we left} 

It is so good to be home, as good as a vacation is, it is so good to be back home and get a routine back again

Big News

I am opening an online store to sell my Sashay Scarves
I am stoked and hope this takes off and i do well

here is some samples
I would love to send you one or two, shipping is great price on these because they are very light. 
I am selling for $15 each, i can do any color you wish, just ask.  

So i need a name for my business, send me some ideas, the lucky winner will get a scarf in any color they wish 
So leave a comment with a Name for it. 

Thanks Ladies,
Your all the best 


  1. Congrats momma! How exciting! What about Sassy Sashays? :)

  2. Congrats Terri!! This is so exciting :) I always loved your photos of the ones you've made. I agree with Jessica--Sassy Sashays all the way :)

  3. Hey! I followed you through the "I Love my Post" blog hop! So glad I found your blog, i'm a new follower :) Come follow back if you'd like!

  4. Your scarves are beautiful. Best of luck Terri!

  5. Congrats on your store and beautiful scarves.
    Best of Luck to you.

    I am a new follower



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