Weekend Recap

After a long week at work- i was feeling incredibly tired but we had hockey tickets to use up and decided earlier int he week we would go on Friday night, i had a pounding headache but i didn't want to not go because i am a big hockey fan and love it, so off course i had to go.
We ate supper there because we didn't have a lot of time, we don't get home til 5:30 and had to leave at 6:10, because i needed to do some banking. We got pizza and drinks at the game, it was a great game, Brooke saw several friends there and she also won a t-shirt.
We got home and because i was feeling so miserable, i was asleep in no time at all.

Saturday:  a day to run errands and get things ready for Sunday's appreciation dinner
I had to go buy a present for the the lady that we were appreciating on Sunday. Had to get a few groceries, make dinner, hang out with my hubby and baby girl and get some much needed sleep again.
Wrapped presents, made food for the dinner on Sunday....
Took care of my niece as well, visited with my sister and her hubby.

Sunday: Sunday School- this was a special day at Sunday school because we had a teacher who was resigning from teaching for the past 40 years. Imagine teaching for 40 years, she could write a book on the stories she has heard, the experiences she has had, we honored her on Sunday and we honored her son because for the last 30 years he has read his bible thru every year, he got a beautiful trophy. yes I'm horrible but no pictures.

Monday: my neice came thru her surgery fine, she is a trooper, we love you Rae rae. <3

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