2012 a year in Review

2012 ~ a year in review
I didnt remember all the things but i got the most important things

Januray 1- celebrated new years with Kristi and Bennett 
January 7th- my sisters birthday and 11 years since hubby proposed. 
Januray 18th - my moms birthday 
January 19th- I got diagnosed with the incurable disease of Intersistial Cystisis ( IC) 
Febuary 3rd- started the best job ever and i wish i was still there. 
 March- My father in laws bday  
April - got the word hubby had a job transfer…but needed a for sure date 
 May- 10th anniversary- had a mini getaway with my honey, we had a wonderful anniversary 
 June- Brooke finished grade 3  
 July 2- Finally a moving date July was then spent preparing to move and pack etc. It was a busy month. 
July 18th We left our home of 10 years for a trip to the unknown.. 
Spent July 18th with my in laws 
Spent July 19th with my parents 
July 20- we were on the ferry with a u haul with very small amount of things with us, we pretty much just took our clothes and pictures and wanted to start fresh and new 
July 21- arrived in Nova Scotia and spent the night with my cousin and her kids 
July 22- visited my aunt who lives 2 hours from where we were going arrived at my brother in laws inlays and stayed there for the next 10 days. 
July 28-29 celebrated my girl turning 9- took her to crystal palace, she nada wonderful time. 
August 1- started moving into our home 
16th- started looking for a church close to us September took Brooke on her first ever camping trip and had a ball Rambling Momma's blog was born. =) Brooke started Grade 4- French Immersion.. first day was hard because she never knew anyone, i think i shed a few tears that day 
October I turned 30 and celebrated with friends we had met here and my sister and her family. November First snow fall 
 December Back to Newfoundland for Christmas 

 It has been a year of many changes, some good, some bad and some ugly. But thru it all we survived and grew stronger as a couple and has a family. 

 Cheers to you 2012- here's looking for another great year in 2013.


  1. WOW how awesome you are to remember dates. I just remember general times when it may have happened. Oh and I am 32 and someone is yet to take me on my first camping trip :)

    1. Come visit me and i will take you on a camping trip :)


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