New Years Eve

New Years Eve 

first of all a day without a snow storm

slept in beautifully until 11:20 am- i love my sleep
Had to go in town to do some shopping with my father in law, so net by his office to check email etc. 
got home and needed to prepare food for the Grothe's Annual New Years Eve party
We cooked chilli, turkey for sandwiches with fresh homemade bread, mozza sticks, pizzaronis, cold pizza dip,cheese,crackers, delicious punch..
so much food but thats normal at this house.

People arrived around 7 and we got started..
laughed a lot, did the 12 days of christmas song, played charades, pulled out the music- guitar, banjo, piano and flute.
i kept my little nephew happy because he loves to play UNO and i  was the only one to play with him, we had fun and even uncle Andrew joined us. 

We then tidied the house when everyone left so we could try and finis the star trek collection… we watched till 1 am but still not done, so tomorrow we will finish them then go to my mom's house again. 

Here's to a great 2013 friends <3

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