Rooibos Tea

zzzz, snore, zzzz, snore- that is what i hear every night when going to sleep, because he is asleep long before me and i am battling insomnia and more often then not anxiety because i know i have to be up early in the morning and i need to sleep.

One night when i couldn't sleep i am looking online for things that helps with Sleep- i came across this
 Ultimate Health . I noticed on their website they suggest Rooibos Tea.  Upon doing some research i find this tea has no Caffeine and it is the only one in the world without caffeine, here are some other things i found out about it:
Has no oxalic acid- so people suffering from kidney stones can drink this. 
Contains no additives or preservatives, it is completely pure. 
So it is all around good for you. 
It also:
Fights cancer
Protects the heart
fights insomnia and anxiety
you will feel more energized
helps combat osteoporosis. 
and so much more.

it has such a yummy taste as well. I love it. Something about it if you drink at night it puts you to sleep, if you drink in the morning you feel alert and energized.

I was so excited to find this tea that i had to try it. WOW, you people i am in awe of how wonderful it is all around. I will only be drinking this from now on. 
There is a lot more info on this website . I also have more wonderful things from this place, be on the look out for more. 

I was contacted by Ultimate health and did a review for them in exchange for their products. 

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  1. I actually use rooibos tea in a spray bottle for my hair to encourage regrowth, also.


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