Merry Heart Creations

I wanted to tell ya all about my friends business
Merry Heart Creations

She has started making gift baskets for anything and everything, take a look

Here is some examples of her awesome work

 "Cleaning basket

 "Dishes Galore 

 Get Well Soon 

 Tea for Two 

 One of a Kind Antique Party tin

 Italian Starter 

 Pamper me 

Some other Ideas:
"Angel Baskets" can be assembled in a basket can take away some of the pressure in finding the one appropriate gift for bereaved families of pregnancy and infant loss. Whether their baby was stillborn, passed of SIDS or miscarried, you can provide hope and support in a basket for their healing journey. This is also a difficult time for the bereaved and may even brighten their day by receiving gifts months after their child has died. This is showing you care about them as well as the life of their baby that ended too soon.

"Care Package"...Named by my Grandma Frona , who years ago, use to fix brown bags full of things and put in our car at church on Saturday night...It was a treat to see what all she packed for us that week.
If you know someone who lives in a nursing home, you probably realize how difficult it is to come up with gift ideas. People who live in a nursing home have limited space, and their needs are very different from those who live in their own home. Even though someone is living in a nursing home, there are still many valuable gifts you can give that will be used and very much appreciated. Don't avoid giving gifts to people in nursing homes because you don't know what they need or want. Gifts are small tokens that show care and concern, and everyone wants to be remembered. Give someone in a nursing home the pleasure of being remembered, and give them a gift to show you care.

If you need that special basket for someone, contact Lisa here 
She is located in Indiana and is willing to ship for an extra cost off course, so go visit her facebook and say hi and say i sent you 
cell number 812-583-7766
or by facebook website Merry Heart Creations
or by email at merryheartcreations13@gmail.com


  1. Awesome.. Cute Basket ideas.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Awesome! I wish her the best of luck with this new business ventrue.

  3. kind of you to share your friends new business.

  4. Great ideas!!! Thanks for linking up too


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