Weekend Recap

Sorry I didn't blog to let you know I was home, but here i am 
spent the day with my family before we started the trek back home.  
Went to run a few errands for my mom- we had lunch with them and then around 4 pm we started the drive back home...
When we left there were tears off course and i felt sad about leaving although it was time to get back to our lives here and a routine again...
We had driven 2 hours when we got into a Snow Storm, it was so stormy there were times when we had no idea if we were on the road or where we were, couldn't see anything.
I was terrified and so thankful that we were protected along all the driving we did in the past 3 weeks...
We were in the storm the rest of the drive, we did still arrive an hour before we needed to be there, we went and got some Subway and ate in the car after being in the line for loading. 
We got a cabin ( with 3 beds,bathroom, desk, etc), it was so incredibly hot on there that it was hard to get sleep, we slept with a cool cloth all night long..

We arrived on the Nova Scotia soil at 6:15 am and we had to unload which took place around 8:30 am... the skies were clear and we thought we were going to have a good day to drive...we get about 45 mins on the road and the Snow started again....it didn't let up for several hours, all the while i am dealing with a major panic attack- all i wanted to do was cry and cry, we stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and i couldn't even eat, all i did was sit in the car and cried, i finally gave in and took ativan and then i relaxed a little.
Here is the pictures of the roads and the amount of snow we got

 This is in Newfoundland where we were. 

 this is back here, not a lot of snow, can still see grass

We met up with a friend of hubby's for coffee, it was nice to meet him and get out of the car for awhile.
We did stop at my aunts after that and had a little visit with them and had to drop of Christmas Presents to them from home. This picture is near her house, there is something about it, i love

Back in the car and i finally napped, i woke up when we were in our driveway, i felt so exhausted, panic attacks wear me out. I hope i never have another one again, they used to happen very often, glad they don't anymore. 
The big job was to unload everything and get things put away, i was so tired i couldn't move to do anything. 
Very early bed time 

It was amazing to be back to church with our amazing church family there. 
Brooke went to a friends house so hubby and i had a lunch date...it was very nice to sit and relax and catch up with him, we then went to get groceries, there is so much to do after a vacation, we are having a skiing day tomorrow so i needed to find a snow suit for Brooke- went to Zellers, costco, value village, finally got one at Walmart for $25. Got home from that and started taking Christmas down, i hate the feeling of Christmas being gone, i love to keep it up all year around.

We got sad news on Andrew's grandpa- he is in a hospital in Minnesota with a aneurysm, i hope nothing happens and he is coming around and better in no time. 

I am about to open up my online store for my Sashay scarves :) I will be sure to post the link here and i am even doing a giveaway for one soon 


  1. I hope your hubby's grandpa gets better soon. It's never fun for vacation to be over, but it's always nice to be back in your own house. Excited for you to open up your online shop! Your scarves are so pretty. Have a good week xo

  2. Wow! I'm so glad you didn't get stuck!! When I asked your time zone, I didn't realize it was Newfoundland! I think I would be forever cold in that climate, I need a chance to thaw out every once in a while! ;) Glad you made it there safely and I hope your husband's grandparents feel better soon as well.


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