Today I turn 33.
I remember turning 30 and having a break down because I felt so old and it felt like I needed to now grow up etc etc...

I don't think I have changed to much in the years, not like a baby who changes each month ;)
I wanted to post 33 random things, whether it be a quote, something about me, things I like etc..


1) I am 33 and had one boyfriend and I married him

2) I am a nail biter

3) I do not drive

4) I am addicted to ice cream

5) I own way to many pairs of shoes- maybe more then 75 pairs

6) Be yourself! In the end you are the one you can make you happy.

7) I love chocolate cake

8) I have to go to Tim Hortons every morning and a diet pepsi in the after noon

9) Laugh your way to happiness, work on you

10) I binge watch Netflix

11) Hanging out with friends is my favourite

12) I cannot make cookies, my daughter makes the best chocolate chip ones

13) I love to travel- my fav place is probably Minneapolis, MN

14) Hanging out with my Best Friend 

15) I love to sleep in 

16) I am a night owl, hence why #15 

17) Doing random acts of kindness 

18) My fav social Media outlet is Instagram 

19) I cannot get into pinterest, I feel overwhelmed 

20) my church and my faith 

21) Never stop reaching for your dream 

22)  Daddy's Girl 

23) Live, Love, Laugh 

24) Laugh a lot! 

25) I would love to own a farm house with a garden full of fresh veggies 

26) I love mexican food 

27) I had major lung surgery at 29 

28) I have a incurable bladder disease 

29) but I live life to the fullest 

30) Meeting new people is something I always look forward to doing. I’m a very social person.

31) I want one more conversation with my grandpa, just one more 

32) 32 was a great year. 

33) Here's to 33, bring it on. 


  1. Happy 33! I'll be turning 31 in December & I think it would be fun to do a list like this. I love binge watching Netflix too, I go through shows like no one's business. I could live on Mexican food and cookies & cream ice cream. Keep smiling!

  2. You are YOUNG!!!! I am 58 and have kids almost your age! Blessings - I love your list of what you can and can't do and what you love - I love ice cream too! Such a sweet post!

  3. Such a fun list! And yeah! to Number 13. :) (That's where I'm from).

  4. I'm with you on the coffee and ice cream :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!! So glad I found your blog, we sound like we could be really great friends. :) Hope you had a great day :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm just now finding your blog and I really enjoyed these 33 facts!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! October is a good month for birthdays....my oldest son's is today. I really enjoyed learning more about you. I also have way too many shoes, binge watch Netflix, and can't get into Pinterest for the life of me.


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