Vacation- Part 2 Kansas

Sunday May 25- 
We left around 7 am to drive to Kansas from Minnesota to meet my sister and her family, it was half way for both of us to Kansas- it was so amazing to see her and to spoil my babies again. We ate lots, went to the zoo, hung out in hotel rooms.

Here is my sister and I on the train at the zoo

RaeAnna followed Brooke everywhere and it was so sweet to see 

Kansas City zoo
This zoo keeper is bottle feeding the baby camels, you also could get camel rides, we were all so tired we decided not to

This got my attention, the elephant was painting and they were selling the prints. What they do is paint inside the trunk and he blows it out. These are talented animals, some of the paintings were incredible and were selling anywhere from $25-500  it would depend on the size of the print off course

My first time meeting this angel and we rode the carousel lots because she wanted to and Auntie can spoil her

Here she is riding the carousel

My Bro in law and Curtis- this kid truly has my heart, he was my first nephew and I love listening to him tell me stories etc. 

Brooke and Curtis on the Carousel 


  1. Looks like you had a great time! We leave for our annual summer vacation to Italy in about 3 weeks...I can't wait!!!!

  2. I like to ride the carousel lots too. And hurrah for aunties who spoil babies. :) Now I'm going over to read Part I.

  3. You are having great family time making memories! Enjoy it!

  4. Do you know that I've never seen an Elephant before? We don't have them in Trinidad and for some reason when I lived in England and visited the States I never ventured to the zoos to see them. :(


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