I met a blogger while on Vacation

I met a blogger- the first one

For our family vacation this year, we covered quite a few places and one of those places was St Catherine’s Ontario. 
So I knew there was a blogger there that I wanted to meet, so I emailed her, we emailed back and forth and exchanged cell phone numbers and made plans to meet. 
We met on Monday morning at a place where we both could go to ( my family thought I was nuts meeting someone I had never ever seen before), I felt like I knew her already. 

She picked me up and away we went to a little town outside of St Catherine’s- Welland (where she grew up), the most amazing restaurant- MT Bellie’s- it is worth a trip to Welland just to try it out, I ordered the fajita salad, ahhhh-mmmmmmmaaaaaaa-zing… 

Melissa was so much fun to hang out with, we laughed a lot she told me about her busy life, her job etc…
then she took me on a tour of the town, what a gorgeous town, I told my inlaws they need to move there so I can visit Welland again. 

Thanks so much Melissa for the lunch, the laughter and all the pens { she knows I like pens so she got me like 6 or 8}, I had a great time and I cannot wait til the next time :) but next time it's my treat :) 

and silly me I forgot to take a pic of her and I together


  1. I wish we could have connected, one of these times

  2. I need to connect with other bloggers in person! I NEED TO!!! Man we should like plan a Vegas trip or something next summer! What do you say Terri!?

  3. I agree, that would be so incredible

  4. I would love to meet one of you in 'real' as well. :)

  5. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and can't wait for you to come back!! We'll have to set aside more time so that I can really show you around and you can really experience my hometown and show I can show you Brock University's campus! =)


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