Weekend Recap

Finally was able to go back to the scanning part of my job, now that I am 2 weeks behind, i was pooped at the end of the day though, hubby picked me up and he was feeling the same way- exhausted. 
I decided to go to Summer Summit, we have a week of services each year, for the entire province, it is a nice time to see people we have not seen in a long time. 
I went with some friends because Brooke needed some more rest, so my friend came to get me, they make me laugh so much, we have so much fun together. 
Service was a healing service, it was powerful, so many miracles took place. 
Got home and my hubby and baby girl was in bed asleep, i enjoyed the quiet of the house. 

We woke up rather mid morning and did some errands in town, then we did a bunch of yard work and got the patio all ready, now that our pool is ready

I love Summer here in our new house, the pool and AC helps the winter heat. 
I invited some friends over for dinner, we just grilled burgers and had salads, and she brought dessert that was so so yummy. 
We went to evening service of Summer Summit as well, while there, this girl came in and gave me the biggest hug, it was a girl I used to babysit, she is dating a guy from here, it was so amazing to see her, Brooke loves her as well as the pic shows, we were going to go out to eat after but decided to go home and meet on Sunday Night.

Another night when I could not sleep, I am so tired of no sleep, it is hard to deal with, I am so tired and starting to feel sick from not getting enough sleep.
Our Pastor is away so we had to be at church early to set up ( we rent a community centre), so we did that with some help from a couple of guys, we only had the one service so we didn’t set up for the cafĂ© etc, it was just the basic things we needed for the service.
I was exhausted from not sleeping well and so I took a afternoon nap while Andrew and Brooke cleaned up the kitchen for me, I am so blessed with such an awesome family.
Went to PM service of Summer Summit and it was so packed and HOT – but it was nice to see some friends, Brooke was excited to see Erica, her mom used to babysit me, and now Brooke and Erica are the best of friends,

after service we went out to eat with some friends, we were gonna go for pizza but went to Jungle Jim’s instead and I had nachos, I love hanging out with friends.

I am at work right now, but tomorrow is a holiday and we have a BBQ planned at our house, I am excited to host and have friends over.

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