Weekend Recap

Friday: I cannot believe another weekend is up on us… how time really flies… before we know it Christmas will be here again. 
I worked from 8:30- 1pm, then we all got the afternoon off because this week it is public service week so we all got to go to a local park and have a BBQ and games, etc.. it was such a freezing cold day, I did not stay very long because of that, but the food was so good and being with all co workers was also nice. 
I also officially moved into my new office, I took a new position when I came back from vacation because the position I was in; I was filling in for a lady on leave for 90 days and she is back on Monday, so I took the new position and I was not liking it at first but now I am liking it more, the co worker who is in same office as me, I really like her and she told me I was put in the new position to be her friend, I am so happy to hear that. 

I came home from work and took a long nap, hubby came home at 4:30 and we both napped til 7:30- {Brooke was at end of school year bash with friends from school, they had a party from 2 pm- 11pm, we did pick her up a little early around 10:30 because hubby was ready for bed}
We then went out to pub for some wings and nachos, and the company was the best, I love the man I married 12 years ago, he makes me so happy. 

We told each other we were having a sleep in day- well he was up just after 9, me I slept til 11 am- I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings, it's like it's me time for me.. and i just look forward to it. 
We went and got groceries after showers, I also went to Michael's ( like Hobby Lobby) to get some scrapbooking supplies, I am working on a little something to make my mom smile- she is having a tough time since my Grandpa died, so hoping this helps her. 
I may have taken another nap in the afternoon but I'd never admit to it ;) 
I went out last night with some friends I use to work with, it has been a while since i have been out late so I was exhausted, but it was fun. 


During sunday morning service the quizzing team got their trophies 

So proud of the girls, they did a great job this year. 

Here is a video of Brooke singing and playing piano today, she makes me proud. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Ahh, don't even start talking about Christmas yet! lol! That sounds so nice you're making something for your mom - I bet it will make her smile! :)

  2. I'm excited to be able to take long naps with my hubby again. That's definitely a perk to older kids. I'm glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness all this talk about naps makes me crave one! I'm so jealous. Ever since my kids were born I haven't been able to take a nap no matter how hard I try. Sounds like an awesome weekend. :) Nice to meet you.


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