Happy 2nd Birthday RaeAnna

Dear RaeAnna, 

I’m writing this the night before you turn 2. Two whole years you’ve spent on this planet and what a two years they’ve been. 2 major surgeries that you handled like a champ, many visits to the ER as you were exploring your world and would stumble and fall. 

Two years you arrived into our lives, the long awaited and much loved little girl to make me auntie again. My first niece. You took me by surprise right from day one, I didn’t expect to feel such a connection to you. If I’m honest Rae I felt like no other little person could have my love like your brother did, but what I felt for you was different to any connection I’ve had before. It was almost like you were my own, when I held you for the first time last sunday( one week before turning 2) I knew that I’d do anything for you. Maybe this is what love, true love, really is – an instant, physical, visceral connection.

In some ways I think it’s quite selfish, driven by ego almost. I watch you, your mannerisms, character, willfulness and I see me, I love that, I love your spirit, your determination, your questioning. I love the fact that you are as happy dressed as a pirate as minnie mouse! I love watching you with your brother. It’s ace having one, there will no doubt be times when he is a complete pain, he’ll irk you and irritate you but trust me there are few things as comforting in life as knowing you’re never really on your own, you’ve always got your siblings around to rely on if you need to. You will do a great job as a big sister, never doubt that!

So what can I share with you Rae Rae? I’ve listed ten things, there are more, these might not even be the most important things but they’re want came to mind:
1) Never, ever, let people tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl. You can do anything that you want to if you work hard enough. You can succeed and achieve if you believe, so don’t listen to people who say no.
2) Never stop asking questions – as you get older people play this trick on you where they suggest asking questions is dumb because it let’s on that you don’t know something. That’s ok, in fact it’s more than ok, it’s essential. People who pretend to have all the answers are just pretending. Even your teachers and your Mom and Dad sometimes.
3) Have fun and play lots – play with the dolls, babies and cars, but play with the lego, football and swords too. Dress up, pretend, make believe and discover. Play often and when you get older make time to play, life can be a lot of fun but sometimes it’s easy to forget that if you work too hard. Don’t take things too seriously.
4) Trust Grandma – if you ever need anything, or want to share something, or don’t know who to talk to then trust Grandma. 
5) Offer your opinion but don’t forget your manners – life is easier when people work together, sometimes people are shy about offering their opinion, sometimes it can be easier not to. It’s up to you but never forget your manners, and sometimes it helps to ask if someone wants to know what you think before you offer it! Remember also that some people offer their opinion silently by doing, some people communicate differently, there are many people who are more quiet than us and it’s important that we listen to what they have to say.

6) You can be friends with boys and girls – at some point in your life people will suggest that you can’t really be best friends with a boy, don’t worry this probably won’t happen for a few years yet don’t let anyone tell you not to be friends with boys. It’s an old fashioned thing that some people haven’t let go of yet. Be friends with the people who make you feel best about yourself irrespective of their gender, age, nationality – it’s all nonsense!
7) Don’t worry about what to do when you grow up – when I was growing up people were always nagging me to decide what I wanted to be as a grown up, I never knew. Sometimes I wanted to be a teacher, a truck driver or a nurse– I never did any of those, and I’m still not sure what to do when I grow up and I’m ten times older than you, so don’t worry about it. You’ll make good decisions when they come along.
8) Respect your Mom and Dad  - Auntie T hasn’t got what it takes to be a parent, it’s really one of the hardest jobs in the world and your Mom and Dad are doing it brilliantly. The strange thing is that most jobs have long periods of training and preparation, people go to university or college, they study and get help to be good at it – there isn’t too much support for being a mommy, no-one gives you a certificate or tells you how well you’re doing. I guess you kind of have to figure it out as you go along, which must be very scary, especially when all of a sudden there are two of you. I am so proud of your Mom, she has worked so hard and she’s one of the bestest mummies out there. Remember that when she frustrates you or tells you no or insists that you sleep all night!
9) Wear hats – the secret to wearing hats is believing that you look good in them Rae. I don’t think you can have too many hats, they are a great talking point and they’re practical too, I heard your grandpa Stassen say  that 90% of your heat goes out the top of your head, so wear hats, be confident, believe you look good and other people will believe it too.

10) Be friendly and love freely – this will probably seem a bit obvious. Life is much better if you’re friendly, look out for people, share your friendship and love. As you get older you might find some people aren’t what you hoped they were, some people might let you down, don’t take it personally. It’s not worth worrying about. The strange thing is if you worry too much, and try to protect yourself from being hurt, you miss out on so much in life. Don’t worry about being hurt, or losing friends, be friendly and kind and people will be good back. You’ll hear about lots of nasty and scary things in life but most people are good, and most things are positive.
So there you go some thoughts as you enter your next year. I hope this one is as much fun as the last three.
Lots and lots of love,
Auntie Terri


  1. RaeAnna is adorable. :) And your advice is spot on. I hope she gets to read it some day.

  2. What a loving Auntie you are. Happy Birthday to this darling little one.

  3. So sweet from Sunday Swoon


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