Weekend Recap

I worked for a little while til lunch time, then I went to the Emergency Room because I felt to horrible.. I had high blood pressure, high sugars, heart rate was to the roof and I felt so miserable, thankfully I was there in and out very quickly, they told me I was dehydrated, so they changed my medication and home I went.
I went out to eat with some girls from church, it was a lovely time and I was feeling fine, we went out for chinese food, it was a great time. I am so blessed with the great ladies from our church, they encourage me and uplift me all the time.
We went to Sour Grape for dessert, I ordered oreo cheesecake
came home and watched the last hockey game of the season, NY rangers lost :( but it was a great season and now come on next year. 

Early morning for Brooke's quizzing, I am still getting use to those new medications and I slept the 2 hours there and the 2 hours back... 
They did really good, here are some pictures

I was supposed to go to a baby shower when I got home, but I was way to tired, I cleaned my house and did some scrapbooking, just relaxed and did nothing really. 

Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to my honey, the best Dad I know. Also to my Dad, I wish we could be together today. 
Some one left me a present today 
I was very excited but I have no idea who it is from, but thank you so much 
We went to morning service, grilled steak, grilled potatoes, chef salad, it was so so good. 
I took a sunday nap, what is wrong with me, I cannot stay awake.
We went to evening service as well. 
We have a very busy week coming up here, so I'm off to bed. 


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  1. Sounds like a packed weekend. I'm sorry about your emergency room visit. How nice to get a gift from an anonymous person! Its kinda like having a secret admirer. Have a great week Terri!


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