The Allure of dental implants

Why are people so obsessed with dental implants? What’s the big deal with them? Why have they suddenly become so popular and essentially taken over the world?  

The popularity of dental implants clearwater comes from the fact that unlike most tooth replacement options, they are a genuine replacement tooth with all of the functions and features of your regular complement. You don’t have to watch what you eat or avoid foods like toffee, as you do with dentures. Instead, you can pretty much have the operation and then get on with your life, looking after your newly implanted tooth as you would any other. 

While dental implants look great above the surface, the real innovation is below the gumline. Dentists discovered many years ago that the best way to provide replacement teeth was to mimic how the body does stuff. Regular teeth attach to the jawbone via the roots. As the teeth push through during latency and adolescence, the roots fuse with the jaw bone, holding the entire structure in place.

The same process is underway with implants. Here the dentist inserts a metal post into the jawbone and then leaves it in place. The surrounding bone slowly fuses with the post over time, holding it in place, as if it were a regular root. After that, the dentist attaches the crown - the visible part of the tooth - and you’re left with something that is pretty much identical to the original. 

Dental implants have become much more alluring over recent years, despite the oral surgery. Here’s why. 

Treat Them Like Your Regular Teeth

Dentures are a massive hassle. Not only do you have to avoid certain foods, but you also have to use adhesives to stick them in place, which can get uncomfortable over time. 

Implants, however, are free from any of these problems. Because they are functionally equivalent to natural teeth, you can use them in the same way as your regular teeth.

You Can Replace The Entire Upper Or Lower Row Of Teeth

Some people lose all their teeth because of disease, decay, and smoking. Implants, however, provide a way back. 

You don’t have to create a post for each tooth. Dentists can use four to six individual posts that fit in the jaw and then add a row of new teeth on top, reducing the impact on the jawbone and speeding up treatment. The new set of teeth often look even better than the original. 

They Last A Lifetime

Dentures and dental putty don’t last for a long time. Eventually, both interventions wear out, and you need to make a return trip to the dentist. 

Dental implants, however, last much longer. Most practitioners advise that implants will continue to serve you well for ten years before requiring replacement, but this is a conservative estimate. The majority of people find that their dental implants last fifteen years or more - a considerable length of time. 

In summary, dental implants are an essential technology that can make a massive difference to how you look and feel. 

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