How to decide on your wedding venue

When it comes to your wedding, the venue is pretty much one of the main parts since it’s actually where you celebrate your new marriage, and oftentimes it’s the same place you actually get married, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

The thing with picking a wedding venue is that it can be quite overwhelming since there’s simply so much choice, and let’s be honest, most places - even the most simple of ones are just stunning. Not to mention there’s then the question of whether you want to get married locally or in another city or country - or even have a destination wedding on the beach.

Whilst there’s certainly no right or wrong choice when it comes to where you get married and where your reception venue is if they’re not the same place, it’s certainly something you need to have decided upon before you start planning the rest of the wedding since everything else is pretty much going to depend on this and be worked around it.

Pick your location:

The very first step in starting to narrow down your potential wedding venue is to decide on the location in which you’ll get married. So, for example, if you want to get married in your home town or city then you can start visiting some places like hotels or venues that may offer wedding packages and see which ones you like most. For instance, search for Salt Lake wedding venues if you're from Salt Lake City and compare the pros and cons of each. If it’s a destination wedding you’re after, then you’re going to want to decide on the places you would consider and start researching those options.

Pick your climate:

If you can’t make a decision on whether to get married at home or abroad, then a quick trick to help you narrow this down and make your decision a bit easier is to choose which kind of climate you’d like to be in when you get married, which will make it easier to pick the location and help you narrow down your venues that could be possible contenders for your wedding. So, for example, although the weather is unfortunately one of the things we really have no control over, there are definitelty better chances of some climates having nicer and warmer weather for your wedding than others, so if you’re set on getting married outdoors in a warm climate, then a destination wedding on a beach is likely to be a good bet for this.

Think of the size of wedding you want to have:

The size of your wedding will have a big impact on where you get married, so it’s a good idea to know roughly the kind of wedding you want to have, since this will give you more freedom to narrrow your venue choices down and also make things like choosing your catering and even picking your band through AliveNetwork.com. Figuring out the size of your wedding will really help you when it comes to picking your location because for a destination wedding it’s likely to be smaller, so if you want a few hundred people to attend, then this is pretty much out.

Think of the cost of the venue versus your budget:

Every wedding should have an allocated budget, so you need to be aware of how much the venue is going to cost in comparison.

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