Weekend Recap

I worked til 2 am- thankfully this coming Monday my schedule changes, I am working 1pm- 9 pm, thank goodness. 

My day off. I had so much to do but also needed to sleep from working the night before so I did not get  much sleep. we had some errands to run and some groceries to get. 
We had invited friends who just got married over for dinner
We had a fun night. 
Hubby and I spent some time hanging out after they had left. 

I got to go to church, I haven't got to go for so long because of work. 
We went to lunch after church at Mary Brown's. 
Came home, napped and went to the Sunday school picnic, I did not get a lot of pictures but here are some

It has been nice to have my friend from Ontario here, I miss her so much. 
We had a great Sunday night together. 

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