Summer Time Fun

One of our favourite things about summer is firing up the BBQ and grilling anything.. honestly in the summer time I rarely cook inside, I try to grill everything

I also LOVE having friends over and entertaining, I LOVE a good party and I found some amazing tips on how to throw a delicious party by my friends over at Chobani

1) Keep your guest list small but large enough that you have a good turn out if half the group cannot come 
2) Timing: Host on a weekend so people do not have to rush from work or rush home for bed because of work 
3) Have enough food- make sure you have two servings per person

4) Keep those drinks chilled. You can even have cute baskets set up with ice to keep the drinks cold 

5) Keep it cool- have lots of ice around espicially on super hot days. 

6) Keep the atmosphere warm and inviting. 
7) Keep some food on hand for those late night snackers- some good ideas are Chobani Meze dips with chips or crackers. 


  1. In other words, the less people the better.... :)

  2. This is my kind of blog! Wonderful practical advice, thank you!

  3. Great tips and keeping it casual is always great!


  4. Great ideas for summer entertaining. Thanks for your post. - Amy


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