Confessional Fridays

TIme to Confess again Lovelies

I love Confessional Fridays, hosted by the beautiful Leslie, who is due to have Sweet baby Caroline very soon, I am hoping it will be next Saturday (12th) on my Birthday 

1) I confess when I posted this picture on Facebook last night as a joke, it made me wish I was pregnant 
Some people didn't read the Hashtag and I got all kinds of compliments, ROFL 

2) I confess being back to work full time after work part time for several months, has taken a lot out of me this week, I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted

3) I confess I am addicted to these TV shows
Love it or List it
Republic of Doyle
Hockey of course
I have to watch it :) 

4) I confess that I fall in love every day with my hubby, I love it when he texts me and asked how i am feeling during the day , he gives me butterflies when he gives me the "look" (know what I mean), even after being married for 12 years, he still gives me butterflies

What's on your mind to confess this week?

Have a great weekend 


  1. That's great that after 12 years you guys still got that feeling! I have 7 years under our belt here. I am sorry to hear you are in the hospital again, I hope you get out soon and can get to feeling back to yourself soon. Hang in there!

  2. I love that your hubby texts to ask how you're doing, too! That is so sweet!!!

  3. That would be cool for you to share a friend's baby's birthday! I love the tye-die dress!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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