3 Genius ways you can save money when buying a sofa

Sofas tend to be pretty expensive purchases for your home. But, at the same time, they’re an essential design element. Look through any living room design trend ideas, and they’ll all make a sofa the centerpiece of the decor. So, it’s not something you can avoid purchasing!

Most people resign themselves to paying loads of money for a sofa, but here are a few smart ways you can save a lot of money:

Shop in the sales

The great thing about sofas is that they’re almost always in a sale. In fact, it’s got to the point where there’s no need to buy a couch if it isn’t in a sale for a reduced price. Most companies have January sales, winter sales, spring sales, summer sales, and so on. If you pick the right time to make your purchase, then you instantly save a lot of cash. Yes, this might mean you have to be a little bit patient, but it’s more than worth it.

Buy one you need to assemble at home

One of the main reasons sofas are expensive is that they have some additional costs on top of the product itself. Usually, you pay to have the sofa delivered directly to your home in one piece, which means the company pays a delivery service to do this, making it cost more. But, if you see on sites like Sofamania, some sofas don’t get delivered in one piece and can be assembled in your living room. A lot of the reviews claim that they’re easy to set up and the sofa gets delivered in two boxes, you can read them at Sofamania.com/pages/reviews if you’re interested. This can save a lot of money as it’s easier to deliver the sofa and you don’t have to get professional moving people involved! A simple tip, but it saves a mini fortune.

Get a second-hand one

Admittedly, this idea won’t appeal to everyone. There’s something about buying a second-hand sofa that people don’t really like. You don’t want something that other people have sat on for years! However, it can cut the costs of buying a sofa in half - and then some. The thing is, you don’t even need to get something that’s years old, even a sofa that’s a few months old will be much cheaper. Plus, you can pay to have it professionally cleaned, so it feels new, and this will still be way less expensive than buying a brand new sofa. There’s a good article you can read on rent.com/blog/tips-for-buying-used-furniture that tells you how to buy used furniture and get the best out of it. Well worth taking a look at if you do want to pursue this option.

Every home needs a sofa; it’s unavoidable! But, there’s no reason that you need to blow all your family finances on this purchase. Any of these three ideas will help you save a lot of money, meaning you have more cash in your pocket to pay for other family things!

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