Family Vacation Part 1


Been home almost a week and just now able to sit down and write about our amazing vacation.
When I booked the tickets back in May, it felt forever away and it did take a long time to arrive but alas it was fly day.
We left our house at 9:15 am for the airport

our first part took us to Toronto Ontario, where we had to go thru security ( again), customs and be ready for the U.S.A

All flights were on time and we arrive in Denver around 715 pm, I was falling asleep on the drive home and I have no idea about stopping at a restaurant to eat even though I was so tired.

Christmas with my brother in law's family who spoiled all of us.  We had a great time with them, the food was delicious, games were fun and a cozy comfy house who made us feel like we were home.

Rae loved her walkie talkies from Grandma 

Norah Rose loved her Michael Kors sparkly shoes from Auntie Emily. 

Dressed in outfits from grandma 

Sunday we went to Sunday school

Went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch ( my favourite) 

Those mountains are absolute perfection

Christmas EVE:
Rachel and I did some last minute shopping, gots some app's for dinner and came back and made nachos, wings, etc.
Then we all got dressed, went to look at the Christmas light show, it was a lot of fun when we got back it was time to get ready for Santa ... we never took one picture with the gifts under the tree or of the kids opening them

Then Brooke gave them their Christmas Eve boxes
Pj's for three of them 
pop corn 
hot chocolate 
then they read books and watched a movie while Santa moved the presents in the living room. 

Then the kids came and slept with auntie 

for a few minutes :) I adore these sweet girls. 

Part 2 tomorrow :)   

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