Weekend Recap

Worked til 8 pm,from 6- 8 pm, I did the training, I have done this job for 5 years so I know the stuff, besides the trainer is far to busy to fully trained good. 

Went to bed soon after work because I was so tired and had so much kidney stone pain, can this pain be gone now. 


Hubby went out for breakfast with a friend, then he went to the office for a few hours, then he came home, we cleaned the house and then him and I went christmas shopping- i have a goal to have all presents that I need for family all bought by end of November, so far Im doing good. I have no idea what to get for my inlays... suggestions?
After we were home we invited some friends over for nachos and pizza, and apple pie and ice cream.  We ate yummy food while watching hockey and then I got baby snuggles ( they have a 4 month old) 
Had to take some more meds for pain, hoping this stone gets moving and stops being a bother. 

We had the NCC Chorale with us today - they did amazing

This is one of the guys from our church, he was 1 of the speakers today- he always does so good. 
We also did Pastor Appreciation Today 
Our Pastors wife is away because her daddy is really sick, so we presented it to him and our youth pastor- the assistant pastor was there today. 

Have a great Week 

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