Weekend Recap

worked for the last day of the week and I wrote my final exam and got 100%, was quite proud. 
After work, we went out to dinner, on our way to the restaurant we realized it was snowing out, Brooke was quite excited 

I came home and watched some Gilmore girls and went to bed at 8:30 pm, slept well because I was so tired. 

cleaned the house, with Brooke’s help.
we went in town to get a birthday present, Brooke had a birthday sleepover to go to, I also went looking for a bolero for a dress that i want to wear to Andrew’s christmas party in a couple of weeks. I found one but I am not sure it’s the one I want.. dropped Brooke off to the party. came home and relaxed, watched some hockey, talked to my mom and sister. 

Went to church, came home went for naps, Brooke needed one too, they got 4 hours sleep last night,  so we all napped. We went to a friends church for the PM service, then went out for a snack with them, love being with friends. 

I was feeling bummed because I was supposed to be gone away for the weekend with some girls for a shopping weekend, because of my new work schedule I wasn’t able to go :( oh eel, there will be other times. 


  1. Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? I've loved the show since they first aired and I watch the reruns pretty much daily. You are my new best friend if you are! :)

  2. That sucks when you miss out on girls' time! Actually, I just planned a trip with some girl friends...we are going to visit anther friend who just moved to Atlanta. I am SO excited for an entire girls' weekend ;-)))

  3. YES I love Gilmore Girls- watching every episode for the 5th time now ;) @Heather Jones

  4. I love Gilmore Girls. I remember rushing home from school to catch the latest episode. I was also a huge fan of Dawson's Creek.

  5. Congratulations on your 100% - that's fantastic! And... I bet there will be other shopping times around the bend! ;-)


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