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Welcome to our Marriage Monday Series-
Today I am talking about a subject that many people would rather not discuss but it is a very real thing that happens in a lot of marriages. 

I found this great podcast that you should listen to
Authentic Intimacy- scroll down to Loneliness in Marriage

Loneliness while being married
There is a lot of couples that are “happily” married on the outside, everyone thinks they have a great marriage, they are as happy as can be, they are giddy in love..
But on the inside that couple is far from happy, this couple is broken, they are wondering where their love grew cold. Wondering what is missing from there life… there is no trust there anymore, the guy is spending all of his waking hours at the office, the woman is wondering if he is really at the office or if there is “more” going on…
And how can she not…
He has no time for her, she has no time for him, she feels like a single mother, he feels like she is angry all the time, there love tank is so empty.
They sleep in the same bed, but to be honest, they do not “like” each other anymore, he feels like she wants him to give and she isn’t willing to give to him, he wonders why, he don’t see the fact that she is lonely.
It does not matter who fights who, who works later every day, their heart needs to be resubmitted to each other, we need to give up our self and trust him,
Let our self die and let the other person know how much we want to spend time together..

We need to be our spouse’s best friend

We need to make time for each other

We need to make a date night
We need to show them love, show them how much they care
We do not need to get a divorce, we need to fall back in love with the person we married.

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  1. Terri - I really think that this is your niche. You always have such sound advice to offer when it comes to marriage. It really is the most important and sacred foundation and it does take work to keep things solid. Thanks so much for the important reminder and message. I needed it! xo


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