Wednesdays for Women- Tough Topics- Bi-Polar & Losing a Child

I met Julie on a group on Facebook when my family went thru a very scary time, she reached out to me because she went thru a rough time with losing her child... 
Here is Julie sharing her thoughts and feelings about what her family went thru. 

It is not difficult to feel broken a lot when you are struggling with the loss of a child and trying to take every opportunity to save another child during his struggle with Bipolar disorder. There are days when our youngest son says, "I just want to go to heaven to be with Carson." 

In that moment, my heart sinks, and an irrational thought goes through my mind, "Why should I ask our son to stay on earth and endure the gut wrenching pain and uncertainty of this erratic illness called Bipolar?" 

But, then I hear a calming whisper from the Lord, "Just go with me on this journey, and I will teach you how to help your son and the others that share your journey with their love ones, suffering with mental illness." 

I know that the Lord's track record is 100% in keeping His promises, so I go with His lead. I will trust the Lord to care for our son minute by minute, and to show me how I can be His instrument by using my heart to be broken for what breaks His.

Since Carson took his life and went to be with the Lord, it is not hard to have a broken heart. Day by day, the Lord is putting the pieces of my heart back together; the pieces don't fit together nice and neat because they have been scattered. But, the heart He is putting back together for me will be so much stronger, because He is building me a new one, piece by piece and day by day!

As many of you know, Bipolar disorder has dramatically affected my life. Loosing Carson to this disease and homeschooling our youngest with chronic Bipolar disorder has enabled me to see it’s effect on a minute-by-minute basis.

God gave me a word picture this morning that might give others a glimpse into those that struggle with and are misunderstood because they suffer with Bipolar disorder and/or other mental illnesses.

Because Bipolar disorder is an invisible illness, there is also an invisible electrical fence surrounding those suffering. Attempts to reach those experiencing the effects of mental illness can elicit a retaliatory sting of words or actions that are hurtful. Their reactions may not make sense and can cause those who love them to draw back in pain. 

But, as we move closer to those suffering with mental illness, drawing on God’s supernatural love, their electric fence begins to lose its strength, and soon it can be clipped. As we step over that dead wire, we breathe life, trust and understanding into that person struggling with mental illness and its effects.

Don’t let pain stop you from reaching out to someone who is mentally ill. There is a miracle from the Lord to be seen; not a cure, not an easy fix, but a life that is touched by the supernatural love and power of our God!

Here is the link to her website, check it out, she is an incredible writer. 


  1. I am very sorry for your loss. I agree with you that reaching out to others is an important step.

  2. What a powerful story that will hopefully help to bring awareness and healing to others. So sorry for this incredible loss.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine how that feels. My heart goes out to you. Thank you bringing this to our attention. God Bless. xoxo


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