Confessional Friday

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Confessional Friday
1) Thanks to my pharmacist I have gotten lots of great sleep, she suggested I try extra strength melatonin, I have been sleeping 12-14 hours each night and I am so rested.

2) Wxcited for a shopping trip to the states tomorrow, for those of you who don't know, I am 1 hour from the border to the US, and shopping is so much better there, I am going with some friends.

3) Brooke is about to cost us anywhere from $3000-6000. At her dentist appointment last night, she needs to get braces on top and bottom, she is very excited, crazy kid.

4) I have almost completed my Christmas Shopping, every year we say we are not spoiling Brooke this year, but we always end up soiling her, and this year is no different.
5) Big changes coming to the blog, Won't give any details yet but it may happen early in the new year.

6) Our first christmas party is this sunday- this one will be the one of the best ones, the caterer's are amazing, the food and service is truly the best.

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