recap of word of the year 2023- Forgiveness

My word for 2023 was "Forgiveness". 

This year I shared so much of my forgiveness journey: 
 I shared the hurts from past       friendships 
 I shared hurts from past spiritual leaders 
 I shared hurts from the professional world
        And so much more

I feel like I am a different version of Terri going into 2024. People used to walk all over me, say evil and rude things, verbally abuse me and speak horrible things into my life but never again. Never again meaning will I sit by and let it happen, I won't protect those people. 

With a journey of forgiveness comes a journey of boundaries and how to set them in place so these hurts don't happen again. I'm not saying people you trust will not hurt you( hopefully not, but we are all human) love the people you trust, trust the people you love.  

My friend Judy has a hula hoop that she kept in her office, one day I asked her about it, she said it's a reminder of who you can fit in your hula hoop- yourself and Jesus.  Sure, we can care and love others but we need to love ourselves and Jesus first. Again, set boundaries. 

 I do have a new word for 2024 but forgiveness is still a daily practice in my life. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey of forgiveness with me this year.  You are all loved, you are all worth the work it requires to walk this journey together..


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