Integrating Fitness into your Daily Life


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Integrating fitness into your everyday life is as much a mindset as it is a practice, you need to switch your thinking from fitness as an "at the gym" activity to something you are involved with every moment of the day. When you change your attitude like this you find that all of a sudden opportunities to improve your health and fitness are everywhere, and completely free. 

Get more active 

To integrate fitness fully into your everyday life you need to escape from the idea that fitness and exercise are something you do at a particular time in a particular place. Of course, this also works, but it's less effective overall. 

When you think of your life in terms of fitness you make choices that lean towards fitness over non-fitness. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, for instance, or taking a walk on your break instead of sitting in the communal area. Use a step counter for motivation. 

Change up your routine 

Maybe you've found the perfect exercise routine for your life, such as Fitness 19 and you want to stick with it. That's fine and good. It's good that you have settled on something that works for you, but if you start to lose interest it could be down to the routine and not your motivation. 

If you find yourself starting to lose interest and procrastinate it's time to change things up. So what does this mean? Well, you could go swimming instead of running, or cycling instead of swimming. Try yoga or spin instead of weight lifting. 

Make a schedule 

Although it's best to think of your fitness in terms of a lifestyle rather than one-off activities, making a schedule for your fitness activities is also an excellent idea. Your more formal activities at the gym or with your sports team are the main events in your fitness lifestyle. 

When you have some of these main events scheduled it provides excellent motivation for you to keep up the smaller efforts in your lifestyle routine. All of these small efforts add up and support your fitness goals and your health. 

Find something you love

Naturally, if you love to do something you want to do it more often, so it follows that if you find a fitness activity such as cycling that you enjoy it will be far easier to integrate fitness into your life than it would be otherwise. Getting out and about on the best titanium road bikes will be a joy rather than a chore and your motivation and fitness levels will grow because of it!

 In many ways, this is the secret formula for fitness lifestyle integration. If you contrive your fitness and pursue activities you don't have a passion for it leads to procrastination and low-performance outcomes. 

Get into habits 

Whether you like it or not, you have habits. These develop over time and are linked to your moods and mental persuasions. Some of them are healthy, others, not so much. Cultivating positive fitness habits is a cornerstone of the fitness lifestyle. 

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that healthy fitness habits can be a challenge to establish; the good news is that your fitness habits support the cultivation of positive habits, making them easier. 

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