Cleanup: The Risks You Need to Know About

 DIY Sewage Flood

In a world where DIY methods continue to save people tremendous time and money, it is not surprising to see individuals handling tasks that usually require professional service. For someone who has experienced doing DIY fixes to minor bathroom and basement problems, taking sewage flooding solutions into their own hands can be tempting. If you happen to think about solving sewage flooding issues in your home, you must know that you are taking on many risks that can pose a problem not only to yourself and the people around you but also to your safety and resources. 

The Risks That Come with DIY Sewage Flood Cleanups

Unlike any other water damage, sewage flood poses hazards to your health for several reasons. Knowing what is in the water, what it can do to you, and how it should be managed matters. Today, you will see beyond the seemingly harmless sewage water and why you should not be handling it on your own.

Wastewater Increases the Risks of Health Issues

Sewage backups can occur because of different reasons; they can be from tree roots, clogged pipes, sewer line damages, and more. Sewage contains wastewater which is also known as greywater and it contains chemical compounds, heavy metals, human waste, contaminants, debris, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Its foul smell can be explained by a million microorganisms present for every millimeter of waste. With this at hand, it is recommended to avoid handling it with bare hands, so looking at gloves from a firm similar to unigloves would be a good start. 

This kind of water requires professional handling, which means having a person equipped with PPE or personal protective equipment do the cleaning. Exposing yourself to wastewater filled with pathogens makes you vulnerable to contracting different types of health conditions that may be caused by toxins and bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, E. Coli, Giardia Lamblia, and more.

Mold Infiltration and Safety Hazards

As we all know that flooding creates a problem with moisture in any space, there is a high possibility of mold growth in your home. Mold develops and thrives in an environment that is moist; hence, there is no stopping it from infiltrating your walls, ceilings, appliances, and furniture in your space. For individuals who have weakened immune systems or asthma and other respiratory problems, mold can induce complications too. Like wastewater, mold has its risks and it requires proper handling by professionals.

Apart from mold infiltration, another risk you are getting into is electrocution or any instance that may lead to short circuits or explosions. As sewage flooding may cause wastewater to seep into furniture, walls, and other surfaces, there is a high chance of affecting your electrical lines, equipment, and fixtures. When this happens, the possibility of explosions, electrocution, or fire may arise. Hence, professionals are better suited for the job.

Why Leave it to Professionals?

Every minute you miss addressing the problem adds up to water buildup and water damage. The time you use to think of a strategy on how to fix the problem counts, and if you spend too long doing that, you may have a bigger problem ahead of you. Professionals handle sewage flood cleanups because they are trained and equipped to do these tasks.

  • They provide a comprehensive analysis of the cause, origin, and coverage of the sewage backup.

  • They safely and effectively remove debris and greywater using extractors and pumps.

  • They determine the extent of damage and identify materials and debris that should be removed, including the space’s baseboard trim, saturated drywall, insulation, and paneling, while ensuring all are disposed of according to local guidelines.

  • They sterilize surfaces with EPA-approved biocides, sanitize the areas with specialized cleaners, remove extra humidity using dehumidifiers, and use air movers to ensure that all the surfaces are thoroughly dried.

The Takeaway

A DIY sewage cleanup seems like a fairly doable job for anyone, but the truth about it is that it comes with health risks and downsides that are bigger than those misconceptions. The task is critical, and it needs the expertise, experience, and training from professionals meant to do the job. Why put yourself and the people around you at risk when you can hire experts to do it for you? Take on professional services to ensure the safety and smoothness of the process while having the assurance that all your sewage flood problems will be fixed.

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