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 Bear with me- this is long…. 

About  15 weeks ago- we had decided to have our realtor come by to only discuss selling our old house, Andrew really was not on board but when the realtor left that night we had fully planned to sell our house and start looking...maybe less I was browsing realtor.ca because we had just accepted an offer on our house and a house that caught my attention was listed, it was on the north side of town and being from the southside- never thought we would live north side, so i clicked on it, like what will it hurt and I immediately showed Andrew and said this is my dream home and can we go view it- not ever planning to put an offer because it was on the northside, talked to our realtor and she set it up… I walk in the house and the owner had it decorated so beautifully and I felt at home but we had several to look at that day so I thought- andrew will never want all the driving to the northside etc, then we got back in the car and I thought I want to buy this, I want to see what he thinks… he really liked it, we timed how far it was from my work- so much closer, Brooke’s school was just minutes away, church is the furthest at 20 mins so I thought okay maybe that will be a problem… We went home after looking at several others but nothing felt like this house, I just felt at home…. Brooke, who most of you know is a big giraffe fan, was not with us but when we walked in the front door, there was a giraffe engraved in the tile and I felt like God was saying this is the home for you. I know Brooke won't live with us forever but it was an important point that I will get back to in a minute. 

We got home and I could not stop thinking about the house- the master bedroom has the dream bathroom I wanted, big closets and even a dressing room or a room to store my shoes ;) IT has a family room and a formal living room, big kitchens and dining room, 3 bathrooms etc- it was just what i wanted but it was Northside… anyway, that night we sat down and talked about it, my mind was already made up, I had complete peace, we decided to put an offer in and never in a million years did we think it would be accepted because the market is crazy but within a few hours it was accepted, we had a new home pending the inspection etc- ( I am sure I had my co workers drove crazy because i was excited) everything went well and before we left town for a mini anniversary get away we had purchased my dream home. 

We have now lived here for 2 weeks and while I do miss the old neighborhood ( we were there 5 years), I am content here, we are finally getting settled and the reason I am telling all this is because I believe we are where we are meant to be, God knew this house would be ours before we even looked, the failed sale and purchased we had a week before was all part of the plan- he knew Brooke would love to have a giraffe in the floor, because call me crazy but God cares about even the smallest things that mean alot to us, I have my magical bathroom and my shoe room. 

God has been so good to us- the past years since moving to NB- we have seen such blessings in our lives- not saying we wouldn’t in NL but we have made friends here that are like family, we have our wonderful aunt and uncle that moved here, Brooke has settled into her life here, we got Moses as our son and beautiful daughter in law Kim- and soon to be grand baby, we are so blessed and I just wanted to share to encourage someone- if you have a big dream- do not give up, God knows he sees it all and he is waiting for you to completely trust him.  Are we perfect, absolutely not, but we trust God with every aspect of our lives, as humans we do get tired of waiting sometimes but at what feels like the very last minute, he comes thru for us. 

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