Fall in Love With Your Garden All Over Again with These Trending Installations'

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Having missed out on all the summer fun of 2020 because of Covid-19, this year looks set to be a fun affair for all. Although many of you might have your own garden, the lack of any social aspect for over 15 months might have taken away some of the love as you sit alone without legally being allowed to invite friends, family, and neighbors.

So as summer 2021 approaches, you could perhaps get outside, clear up the garden and make space for some amazing new installations that are guaranteed to make you fall in life with your garden all over again, and while some of these are fun novelties, others will last for decades with everlasting memories that you will talk about even longer.

Garden Decking

Nothing makes a good garden shine like the installation of high-quality decking. Wood and the backyard just go great together, especially if you have any kind of foliage, fruits, vegetables, flowers, or trees, and next to pavers, grass, and a pool, a decking installation looks amazing but be sure to hire a reputable company for the installation.

There are many tales of poor decking installation and when done wrong it can be wobbly, uneven, and won’t last long, any of which can pose a health hazard for you and your family. Austex Fence and Deck are a great example of a reliable decking company and are among the best that specialize in seamlessly building decking that fits any property style. 

Outdoor Hot Tub

Considered one of the most luxurious items a home can have, a hot tub is an amazing way to both relax and have fun. In the UK alone, 2020 saw a 1000% increase in hot tub sales as Brits were told to stay at home during Coronavirus lockdown and around 6 million have been sold all over the United States.

While a hot tub can provide sensual relaxation for couples, fun for the kids, and make an impression with guests, there are health benefits to owning one. The strong stream of bubbles essentially massages your entire body similar to a professional masseuse and you will get the same benefits such as muscle tension relief, improved vascular function, and better sleep.

DIY Shed Bar

A quirky yet robust and useful trend for 2021 is that of building or buying a shed and converting it into an outdoor bar. While this sounds a little silly, the hobby has taken off in the UK as Brits missed going to the pub during lockdown restrictions, and it isn’t as difficult as you might think since most of the work has already been done.

Simpler than a tiki bar, most DIYers simply cut a hole on the side of the shed in order to place a retractable bar onto hinges that can be put up or down at will. Many companies now offer at-home beer pumps at reasonable prices so pulling the perfect pint in your own home is easier than ever and some enthusiasts have created stunning shed bars with LED lighting, sound systems, and cooking capabilities.

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