Your Guide to Experience the Real NYC

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a place in the world that’s the capital of practically everything – showbiz,
fashion, music and even food. Yes, we’re talking about the almighty New York City! So, every single
person should visit this spectacular metropolis at least once in their lifetime, but it’s also very important
to know where they’re going. This city is definitely a huge one, and if you don’t do your homework
beforehand, the chances of you ending up in an average club or pub and eating average food are very
high. So, what should you visit in order to experience the real nature of the Big Apple?

What to see?

First of all, you need to allocate a couple of days to see all the landmarks and historical places in New
York City. Let’s say that your first stop would be the Statue of Liberty, and it definitely should be. This
mesmerizing statue is home to thousands of tourists daily, so it will be a perfect first choice. Moreover,
you will definitely take a walk through the Central Park and Manhattan, but make sure to visit them
during the day, as you don’t want to miss out on anything, and you definitely want to experience the
colorfulness of the city. Also, don’t miss out on the Empire State Building, but make sure to allocate a bit
more time so that you could get to the top floor and experience NYC in the right way. Finally, visit the
9/11 memorial, an overwhelming monument to the September 2011 terroristic attacks.

Where to go out?

This is definitely the hardest question to answer as New York City caters for everyone’s needs. First of
all, this is the home to some of the biggest gay bars, so if you’re gay or gay-friendly, you can choose from
gay sport clubs to gay country clubs where only country music is played. As for straight people, you will
be able to find a club or a pub on every corner of New York City. If you want to have the night of your
life, the three most popular NYC clubs at the moment are Village Vanguard, a legendary jazz venue, and
The 40/40 Club which is owned by Jay-Z. These two clubs might be a bit pricier than the rest of them,
but if you want the true NY experience, this is where you should go.

Where to eat and drink?

What’s important is that you never settle for sandwiches and beer in New York. You can have these
anywhere else in the world, so it would be good to try out something new. The first thing that you need
to do is try the NY street food, as it’s truly amazing. Moreover, if you have the chance to experience the
services of a great mixologist in NYC, say yes! Try to find a venue or an event with this type of catering,
cocktails paired with finger food and simply enjoy this amazing experience. You won’t find as good
mixologists as in New York City so it would be a shame not to see what they have to offer.

What to wear?

Fashion is extremely important in New York, but the good thing is that you can wear whatever you want
and still be quite fashionable. Why’s that? Because everyone appreciates the fashion style of other
people while still rocking their own. However, the biggest trend in this moment is athleisure, so pair
your elegant pants with excellent sneakers (if you have the option, go for Balenciaga), or wear a formal
coat and a sweatshirt. If this is not your cup of tea, you can also go with neon colors as they are huge
now. It’s also important to mention that you will never fail while wearing anything in the color of Living
Coral, which is Pantone’s color of the 2019.

What leisure activities should you try out?

Since you will be spending money on bars, pubs and restaurants, it would be good to choose leisure
activities that are practically free. Try visiting the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), but make sure that
you go there on a Friday from 4pm to 8pm because the entrance is free. The sculpture garden, however,
is free for entrance every morning from 9.30 to 10. Moreover, if you’re visiting NYC during the summer
and you like cinematography, you can hit the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival or Syfy Movies with
a View at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Watching a movie in an outdoor cinema in the heart of the Big Apple,
free of charge, is definitely an activity that many opt for! Finally, you can always browse online and find
the best bars that organize trivia nights or scavenger hunts – there is a plethora of them and each one of
them is worth the money!
Writing an article about all the things that you could do in NYC is devastatingly difficult. You might as
well spend 7 months here and you will still have something new to discover and see. So, take your time,
see the most important things and simply enjoy. After all, this is how you will truly experience New York.

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