Building a Strong Bond with Your Child

Parents spend countless hours trying to turn their children into responsible and successful adults. We try
hard to teach them to be organized, polite, and plenty of other things we think they should be. Although
all of this is important, sometimes it’s necessary to slow down and just focus on spending time with your
kids. That way they feel more like persons rather than some projects that need to be completed. Here
are some effective ways to develop a strong bond with your child.

Why is it important?

Children need to feel loved and appreciated. Parents won’t achieve this by simply giving them loads of
tasks they need to perform and not spending any time with them. Building a strong relationship with
your child helps them feel secure and valued. They feel acknowledged as persons and that their opinion
matters. Furthermore, the parent-child bond is extremely important for their future development. A
loving relationship with your child serves as a model for all other relationships your children will have
later in life and enables them to grow up into healthy individuals. There are many ways in which you can
strengthen the bond with your child. Communication is the key, as well as the time spent together.
Being honest to them and being able to laugh together are also essential for your relationship.

Establish family traditions

Established traditions and routines have a positive impact on children. Kids thrive on familiar situations
because they give them a sense of security. Create rituals like Friday night movies or Sunday pancake
time which will grow into family traditions they will always cherish. Children will enjoy these predictable
situations particularly because they will be sharing these moments with you.

Declare their special day

Assign one day in a year to be your child’s special day. This day should be something out of the ordinary
and related to their desires and interests. Let them choose all the activities and follow their lead. You
can go swimming in an indoor water park, pay a visit to a Museum of Natural History, or visit another
town by train – their wish is your command.

A play date with Dad

Even though you might feel overwhelmed with everyday obligations, don’t let them stand in the way of
building a strong bond with your child. Spare some time every day to play with your kids. You can play
football and basketball together and include their friends. This will be an amazing time to bond and
further strengthen your relationship, not to mention the exercise in the fresh air. In addition, you can
opt for a fun playgroup where you can spend time together and at the same time help your kid learn
and have a stimulating experience.

Laugh as much as possible

Children often don’t expect their parents to have a sense of humor, so you need to prove them wrong.
Let your silly side shine through and remember what it felt like to be a child. Make up funny songs, show
them some of your best dance moves (with or without music), and join your kid when they are behaving
goofy. Hire a professional comedian and turn their birthday party into a blast where nobody’s able to
keep a straight face. You can never get enough of opportunities to laugh together.

Always be there for them
Your kids need to know that they can count on your love and support for better and for worse. Life is full
of ups and downs and just as you encourage them to succeed, let them learn that failure is also an
option and be there for them with hugs and kind words.
Spending quality time with your kids is essential for their psychological development. It also shows that
you are a caring parent and that’s the most important task you need to perform.
About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home d├ęcor and healthy
living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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