Elderly people are often reliant on others for their needs. Their daily needs have to be taken care of by
caregivers, and they almost always have someone caring for them. They have to be taken to the doctor
regularly for their appointments and old age-related problems. You have to give them time and affection
if you are the caregiver. But you may have your own responsibilities and work to take care of, which may
neglect the patient’s needs. But don’t worry, you can always hire a professional caregiver to help you
manage your days better.

In case you can’t hire a professional and you have to take the patient to the hospital for their checkup,
what do you do? Missing appointments is not an option, especially when the patient is already suffering.
In these cases, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) can become a lifesaver and take the
patient to the hospital in case you, due to unforeseen circumstances, can’t take them to the hospital.
Here are some other ideas that you can make use of when you have to take your loved one to the

You can always call a cab to go to the hospital. The downside of a car is that if the patient is too unwell
and can’t sit up, a cab can be very uncomfortable. Transport for elderly needs to be more specialized.
Sometimes the patient may be on IV or other equipment which is difficult to take by a car. Even if you
do choose to take the patient by car, ensure that the space in the car is enough for all the equipment
needed and that they have ample space inside. You can only use cars for short distances and intracity
commutes. For patients who need medical assistance, or use a wheelchair, transportation by car isn’t an

Medical Vans
Medical vans are specialized vehicles that have all the medical equipment needed for your loved one's
needs, on board. They are great for seniors because they can lie down in the vehicle. These vans are
designed to transport patients of every kind over long distances. They have ample space for attendants,
caregivers, and medics to accompany the patient. Most elderly need hands-on care and can’t be left
unattended. Medical transportation like specialized ambulances are even equipped for emergencies and
the staff is trained to handle emergencies of all kinds. If there were to be an incident during the
transport, the van is fully equipped to handle it.

Medical Transporters (Mini Trucks)
Intercity medical transporters are the same as medical vans but smaller. This is for the ease of commute
within the city. Specialized equipment is not needed for short distance travel and there needn’t be so
many medics on board either. There are fewer chances of an emergency before getting to the hospital.
These are good because they are cost-effective and your loved one still gets the care they deserve. They
are fully equipped for medical needs for all kinds of ailments.

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