Signs You May Actually Need to Lose Weight

The extra weight can sneak up on us like a thief in the night, sooner than we even
notice our body is changing. And before we know it, we cannot recognize ourselves
in the mirror. In order to remove any possibility of guesswork, make sure you
carefully read these signs and symptoms that can show whether it is time to lose
weight or not.

That gut feeling

You’ve probably noticed that you can answer an abundance of questions by simply
paying attention. What is that little voice telling you? “Oh my God, I can’t believe
these jeans don’t fit me anymore” or “Wow, I’ve been eating so much junk food
Often, we are well aware of the fact that we need to lose weight, but the thing is, we
also often don’t or can’t admit it to ourselves. That is why we have to listen to our
intuition. By ignoring the problem, you are actually contributing stress and taking a
mental toll. However, once you switch from worry to action, you will be able to drop
both emotional and physical weight.

Your partner complains about you snoring

Loud snoring and gasping are possible symptoms of sleep apnea, and this disorder
results in decreased oxygen levels in your blood as well as poor night’s sleep
because it awakes you during the night. Actually, the most common cause of sleep
apnea is obesity and excess weight – according to WebMD. So in other words, if you
are feeling more tired than usual during the day and plus, your partner tells you that
you snore loudly, you could possibly have sleep apnea. Just by losing some weight
you will be able to skip seeing the sleep specialist, wearing that annoying medical
device while you sleep, as well as this disorder in general.

Your weight goes up constantly

Did you notice that you are steadily gaining several pounds each year? And that the
only way your weight has been going over the last couple of years is up? This is a
great warning sign, and something that shouldn’t be ignored, because a couple of
pounds a year doesn’t seem like a lot, but when it compounds over time, it will leave
you with a lot of weight you will then have to burn, and with an abundance of gym equipment to use in order to 

get back in shape.

Your joints hurt

Are your hips, knees and back aching almost all the time? This is happening because
all that excess weight puts pressure on your joints, and can easily wear down the
tissue around them, which will cause joint ache and uncomfortable movements.
You always have many excuses
If you are constantly rationalizing your unhealthy choices by selling yourself on the
notion of how you don’t have time to prepare and plan your meals and work out,
this might be the time to drop both your excuses and your weight. Have in mind that
this mindset only makes you feel better at that particular moment, while it doesn’t
help you live better. Step outside your comfort zone, and start being brutally honest
with yourself in order to let your self-love come out.

Your clothes don’t fit

You used to love your comfy jeans, and now, suddenly they are no longer as comfy
as you thought they are. If your clothes are suddenly too tight or simply don’t fit,
don’t blame it on your washing machine, but on yourself.

Your numbers are off

If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is elevated and your waist is bigger than 35 inches, it
is time for you to drop those pounds. Have in mind that your risks for diabetes, as
well as high cholesterol and blood pressure, are jumping up when your waist is
larger than 35 inches.

You just don’t feel good

If you suddenly feel tender to the touch, fatigued a lot of time, or simply lack the
energy, it can be due to the inflammation caused by a sudden appearance of the
excess fat in your body. That aching feeling can be a result of too much fat, while the
constant fatigue can be caused by inflammation.

Did these symptoms ring true to you? If so, give yourself some credit for starters,
because with becoming fully aware of your situation, you’ve made the first step
towards your “healing”. Just be persistent and never give up, no matter the
obstacles. In the end, it’s all worth it

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