Home Maintenance: Common (And Uncommon) Things To Keep On Top Of!

A lot of us live in ignorance when it comes to the needs of our home. The only thing we can do 
usually is declutter our home effectively, and make it look neat and tidy. But there is so much more 
that we, as homeowners, need to have in place. Knowledge of the structure and the house itself is 
vital, but lots of people prefer to call out a contractor to fix the problem. By then, it can be too late, 
which is why home maintenance is a skill we all need to have. But, what are the main areas of 
maintenance we need to keep on top of in our home?
Changing Your HVAC Filters
You don't need to change your HVAC filters often, but you do need to inspect them. It's best for you to 
change the filter every two to three months. It does depend on varying factors, whether you have pets 
or allergies, for example. If you have a lot of animals running around the house, it's best to change it 
every month.
Inspecting Your Drains
If you use a lot of cooking products, like oil or fat, and end up pouring them down the drain, this could 
be a big mistake as far as your pipes and plumbing are concerned. 
You can rely on Maplewood Plumbing and other reputable plumbers to unclog these drains for you, but
 it's always best to inspect problem areas before they become a major issue. By inspecting your 
drains and seeing if there are any issues, you don't necessarily need to call out the professionals.
 It's always a good idea to not pour so many things down the drain. Instead, get into the habit of putting 
oil and food items in food waste containers.
Clean Your Refrigerator Coils
This is something that is a great way to save you a little bit of money on your electricity bill! 
The fridge could use up to 15% of your electricity. As the coils in the fridge could get dirty over time, 
the fridge will require more electricity to power it. So, by vacuuming your refrigerator coils every couple 
of months, this is going to benefit you in many ways.
Inspect Your Plumbing
Water leaks are one of the major issues we can all suffer from. A burst water pipe behind a wall can 
cause a leak over time that we won't notice until it's too late. To inspect your plumbing on a regular 
basis, it will be peace of mind. It's not even a difficult task. You can have a look at the pipes from the 
main water tank to see if there are any small leaks. There are other telltale signs, such as  
poor water pressure out of the faucet, but also, if you see small water patches build up, especially in
 the kitchen area, you can get to it before it causes a major problem.
Prevention is always better than cure, and when it comes to your house, you need to know exactly 
what to keep on top of with regards to essential maintenance. It's surprising how many people don't 
have a basic knowledge of this now. If you own your home, it's vital that you can spot these problems 
at the very outset before they get worse.

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