It's time for a home tech make over. No gimmicks

A recent Fortune article made the case that the “smart home” is, in fact, stupid. It was a funny headline, but it appeals to a broader sense among most people that the inexorable rise of technology isn’t always particularly useful. Do we really need a smart toaster in the kitchen? Is it wise to have showers that we can talk do? Do our fridges the ability to do our grocery shopping for us?

The level of technology we want in our homes is a personal decision. Each of us will have a different threshold for the level of tech-related blunders that they are willing to accept. With that said, technology can also be a force for good, even if you’re not a particularly tech-savvy person.

It’s time for a home tech makeover. Here’s how to get the best from your technology to make life easier. No gimmicks.

Boost Your Connection Speed

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There’s nothing more annoying than a slow connection to the internet. And when you’ve got four or five people trying to download videos at the same time, you soon notice if your provider isn’t giving you the service you paid for.

The good news is that you can check your connection speed. A service by i3Broadband allows you to test how fast you can download online. You can then compare this speed to that advertised by your provider to see if they actually do match up.

Get An Assistant

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One of the fastest-growing tech market segments today is the home assistant. Amazon, Google, and Apple all have viable products in this space.

The benefits of a home assistant are many. You can get them to remind you about stuff, ask them questions, get them to tell you recipes, and a whole host of other beneficial things.
But what’s so exciting about these home assistant products is that they are improving all the time. The value you get today isn’t the value that you’ll get tomorrow. Over time, these systems will continue to improve. And because all of the technology is contained within the cloud, there’s no need to go out and buy new software. You just wait for updates and get a better service with each round.

Automate The Boring Stuff

Perhaps the best implementation of home automation so far is the automation of the stuff that nobody wants to do. At the moment, automation is limited to things that don’t require much manual dexterity to operate. For instance, light switches, door locks, and alarms. These can all be controlled electronically. But not having to fumble around for keys or tap in codes to set alarms can be a great help, especially if you have a busy family life.

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Just as with home assistants, home automation is a technology that is only just getting started. Already there are lights and speakers on the market which will adjust to your mood and preferences. And we’re likely to see this accelerate, especially when robots become dextrous enough to begin performing more complex tasks. Who wants to do the dishes anyway?

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