Lifestyle Factors Affecting Your Fertility and Reproductive Health

If you have been planning a family for a while, and are ready for the challenge, you will
need to make sure that you give yourself and your baby the best chance in life to stay healthy.
However, the first hurdle is getting pregnant, therefore, you will need to find out how you can change
your lifestyle to support your body in preparing for the pregnancy and getting ready for the new arrival.
Many studies have been conducted to determine the impact of our lifestyle choices on fertility.
Read about some of them below.

Exercise Level

The more you exercise the fitter and healthier you will be.
Women who are active at least 5 hours a week are more likely to succeed getting pregnant than
those who live a sedentary lifestyle. If you would like to conceive, you will also need to make sure
that you are ready for the physical challenges of pregnancy. Try yoga, walking, or cardio exercises,
and you will be feeling more confident that your body can support the new life.


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Stress has a huge impact on reproductive hormones, and it is important that you reduce it
whenever you can. You might have a challenging job and work long hours, not having enough
time for yourself and taking care of Number One. Alternatively, you are simply worried about
having a family or are not sure about your relationship or happy with your living situation.
Get everything in order, including your mental health and stress levels before you try for a baby.

Sleep Patterns

You will lose enough sleep after you have had your baby, so make sure that you are not starting
up tired. The lack of sleep will also have a negative impact on your hormone system.
If you are finding it hard to switch off during the night and fall asleep, you might need to try
meditation, hypnosis, or other natural methods. Try to avoid medication, as this will be likely to
affect your body and your fertility.

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Your diet is also associated with your chances of getting pregnant, and this is not just an old
wives’ tale. In fact, a recent study has found that  those who have a healthy and balanced diet are
more likely to succeed at conceiving, You will need to have enough carbohydrates and antioxidants.
If you replace your carbohydrates with protein during your ovulation days, you will increase your
chances of a successful pregnancy. Try to eliminate trans fats from your diet, and replace them
with healthier options, such as olive oil or eggplants, nuts.


If you have ever visited a family planning clinic, you might have already come across posters and
leaflets about the impact of smoking on newborns’ health. If you would like to avoid your baby
developing asthma, cardiovascular diseases, or other serious illnesses, you would quit before trying
to conceive. Not to mention that smoking can reduce your chances of getting pregnant, as tobacco
smoke flushes out some of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for hormonal balance.

Medication and Self-medication

If you would like to give birth to a healthy baby, you might want to avoid long term medication,
including painkillers, unless you absolutely need them. This might also not be the time to try that
latest diet pill that is promising amazing results. If you self-medicate yourself and take an herbal
remedy for everything, it might be time to consult with a professional. Taking various herbal
supplements can increase your risk of biochemical pregnancy and leave you disappointed,
despite the clear signs of conceiving.  

Alcohol Consumption

Your alcohol consumption also has a negative impact on your overall wellbeing and your bodily
function. Try to reduce the number of consumed units per week when you decide to try for a baby,
and you can eliminate the risks while being able to provide a safer environment for your baby.
You can have a couple of glasses of wine every week, but if you find yourself having too much liquor,
you might need help.


If you have a higher than normal BMI, it will not only be harder to deliver a healthy baby and stay fit
during the pregnancy, but also to conceive.
Overweight women are more likely to have complications during pregnancy and childbirth,
including cholesterol problems, varicose veins, and cardiovascular illnesses. If you are serious
about having a happy and healthy family, you might want to start a diet before you try to get
pregnant. Exercise and changing your diet will improve your chances to have an easier birth, too.


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One of the factors that most people forget about when talking about planning a family is pollution.
If you live in the city and inhale Nitrogen and CO2 gases while commuting to work, this is likely to
get rid of all the antioxidants and the vitamins in your body that are needed for your hormonal health.
If you can take walks in the countryside and go on weekend trips to clear your lungs and get more
oxygen in your lungs, you can seriously increase your chance of getting pregnant. Try to eliminate
toxic pollution at home, too, by replacing your general cleaning products to organic ones.


Switching to an organic diet makes a lot of sense if you would like to deliver a healthy baby.
You might not know much about the impact of the pesticides in our food, and research is at an early
stage, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Learn to cook from scratch and avoid industrial agriculture
products. Find an organic farm or market where you can get all the ingredients for your balanced

Planning for a baby doesn’t only involve one decision. You will need to be physically and
mentally prepared for the challenges of pregnancy and adjust your lifestyle to get you the best
chances in life, as well as your baby. Follow these rules and get fit and healthy before you can
welcome a new arrival in your family.


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