How To Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter

Our heart is the, well, heart of the body. It is a muscle which sits in our chest and pumps blood around the
body to keep us warm and provide oxygen to our cells. To keep this vital organ as healthy as
we can during life there are a lot of things we can do, and here are just a few of them for you to
add to your routine.

Get a check up

It is incredibly important that you keep on top of your health throughout the year and that you
take the time to get a checkup every so often for your body. You can get some
cardiovascular services to check your
heart rate and blood pressure and then measures can be put into place
to ensure that you stay healthy and strong
throughout life.

Eat more vegetables

Vegetables can be a great way to fill a plate without filling yourself up with lots of carbs and fat,
and as we know the worst thing for the heart is fat and this can have a huge effect on the body.
If you want to keep your heart happy but you have a big appetite, fill up on vegetables like
broccoli and carrots and you will be much leaner and healthier as a result of this.

An apple a day…

Say it with us

And not only is this true due to the high fibre content and the many vitamins including v
itamin C inside the apple, but it is also great for the heart. This low fat and high nutrition fruit is i
deal for those who want to keep a healthy heart and you should try and eat one every day or at
least every few days for the best results.

Get moving

Get up out of your chair and walk around the room. Our heart is a muscle like every other one in
our body and it needs to be regularly trained and moved to keep strong and healthy.
When we exercise our heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body because
our cells are
using more oxygen, and this exercise can help to build the strength of the heart and make it
much healthier in the future. Getting up and about is exactly what you need for a healthy body
and heart and it will be a great way to spend your time.

Relax and refresh

As we discussed a little earlier, the heart’s main job is to pump blood around the body to
provide oxygen for the cells. To do this, our blood pressure needs to be at a steady level to
make to easier on our heart when doing this. As such, stress can be a dangerous thing
because it causes high blood pressure and can have a huge affect on the heart. So
remember to take breaks often and relax now and again for your heart’s sake.

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