4 Tips to Teach Your Kids to Respect the Environment

Respecting the environment is something every child should learn to do. After all, they live on this
planet and they won’t get another one. That’s why it’s important to take care of it and love it. Teaching
your children to respect their surroundings from a young age will implement those habits and make
them into more responsible and self-aware adults. This is the only way of investing in the future and
preserving all the good things that are left. Then, somewhere along the line, they and their children will
get to enjoy a cleaner and greener environment we can only strive towards.

Moreover, this effort can be a great start to teaching your developing children the values that should be important to them. Some they will define themselves over the course of a lifetime, others they will carry with them from childhood. As the developers of ABCMouse are aware, frequent, responsible and capable education will help your children flourish in the right direction.

1. Decorate your backyard together
Any child will love a good renovation because it’ll allow them to show their creativity. It’s best to start
with your backyard. Plant a few trees, and set up a bird feeder for starters. Involve your child in the
process as much as possible.
Agree on where to plant the trees together, and let them fill up the bird feeder. Consider making a
birdhouse with your child, as well. Seeing the beauty in your backyard and seeing different animals like
squirrels and birds which will benefit from it will inspire your child to keep being kind to nature.

2. Teach them how to recycle
By now, your children have already probably heard everything there is to know about recycling. Adie
from how to do it, that is. Start at home, and build up to recycling outside your home lot. You should get
recycling bins, and make it a little game. That way, they’ll have a positive attitude towards recycling and won’t see it as a chore.
So, teach them about recyclable materials, and colour code them according to the colours of the bin. It
will be easier for them to remember what goes where this way. Additionally, you can make a little
challenge and time them to see how many items they can recycle in a short period of time. Remember
to enforce the fun as much as possible.

3. Introduce them to the ocean

Oceans cover most of our planet and we need to protect them. More often than not, we’ll see garbage
in the water and that harms the living organisms in the ocean, as well as the environment. Our oceans
should be places where we can swim and explore, and have fun with our families, not landfills.
That’s why you should show your child the beauty of the world beneath the water by taking them out to
the beach. Grab a pair of flippers and a cute children’s snorkel set, and set out on a grand adventure of
exploring the ocean. A personal experience will help your child understand that the ocean is home to
other creatures and plants and that if they want to continue enjoying discovering that world, they need
to protect it.

4. Set an example

Children act the way they see us act. So, if you want your child to respect the environment, you need to
set a firm example. If you don’t follow the advice and tips you’ve given them, neither will they. They see
you as a role model and will respect every decision you make if you stick to it. Likewise, they’ll see you
as a hypocrite if you don’t do what you advised.
In that spirit, you should do all the activities you’ve thought of together. If it’s something entirely new to
your child, you should do it first, and then watch them follow the exact same steps you took.
As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get your child to respect the environment. The most
important thing is to explain to them why they need to respect it. Don’t make them blindly follow your
ideals, but let them know exactly why this is so important. They’ll be more receptive to your suggestions
and will understand the point better. We’re confident that your child will grow into a responsible adult
who cares about its environment and those living in it.

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