Self care when your not well

Self care when you’re not well is a little different to self care when you’re in full health. However, it is possible to care for yourself in a few ways that we’re going to discuss here. Whether you have a physical illness/injury, or you’re suffering from mental/emotional issues, the self care ideas here will help you.

Stop Saying Yes When You Want To Say No
This is something many people are guilty of, but it can cause more stress and issues in the long run. Stop saying yes when you really want to say no; it’s that simple. Whether you’ve been invited out with friends, somebody wants to visit you, or something else has been asked of you that you’re not really keen on, don’t feel under pressure to say yes because you feel bad. You’ll feel so much better doing what you want to do. This in itself is a form of self care.

Meditation can be done any time, any where, and is a fantastic tool that can offer plenty of benefits. You can find yourself with more clarity, a better mindset, less stress, and more. You only have to do it for a quick 10 minutes each day to reap the benefits, too. Use an app if you’re not sure how to get started, or find a YouTube video that you like the look of. Getting into the habit of doing it is probably the hardest thing, so focus on that to start with, even if you just do it for 2 minutes for a few weeks.

Stay In Environments That Keep You Healthy And Happy
If there’s a certain environment you know won’t help you, stay out of it. If you’re pretty much bound to your home because of your illness, then make it a nice place to be if you can, or ask somebody you trust to do it for you. Keep it as clean as you can to avoid further health issues, and make it cosy so you can relax. You might find yourself with allergies if cleaning isn’t taken care of properly, but you can check these out to be sure on sites like https://www.allergysiouxfalls.com/. Don’t feel bad for saying no if you’re suffering from an emotional/mental issue and your friends or family ask you to do something that you know won’t be good for you.

Only Spend Time With People You Love
Spending time around people that make you feel bad about yourself is going to slow down your recovery process. Some people believe in negative energy, others don’t, but whatever you believe in, it’s only common sense that spending time with people who understand you and love you is going to be best.

Have A Minimal To Do List Each Day
Make a minimal to do list each day. For example:

  • Brush teeth.
  • Take a shower.
  • Drink water.

If you can do the above three things, then anything more than that is a bonus.

Hopefully, you feel a little less stressed after reading this. Get well soon!

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