Life Update

Well hello,

It has been so long since I have been able to sit down and bang out a post, I do apologize over that.. with me starting a new job and it is incredibly busy I have no time to do it anymore and the weather is still nice enough to go out and walk during lunch.

Today is a holiday for Remembrance Day or Veterans Day, so we are hanging out at home and I am cooking us a chicken dinner and doing some major house cleaning before we decorate for Christmas in a few weeks.  I also will take down my fall decor today.

Yesterday we went to the remembrance day service at the Cenotaph, we have 3 Veterans that is part of our church so we went to celebrate them, it was a very nice service with our town and church members, then we went to the church for hot chicken stew, hot chicken soup and salads, it was a nice afternoon.

only 39 days until we leave for Colorado to be with my sister for Christmas, we are so very excited to be there this year, I feel like I have been counting down for what feels like forever.  

Brooke is doing well in Grade 10, honor roll again this year which makes me so proud. She is going on a missions trip in July.  which makes us so incredibly proud of her. 


  1. I’m so glad you all took time to show honor to whom honor is due. As a former dependent I’ve seen the struggles and sacrifices.

  2. So many pass over Veterans Day. SO glad you honored them and shared it with us. Such a blessing and we are so thankful for their service!


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