Maintain Your Dignity As A Patient

Nobody likes staying in a hospital room, for a night, a week, or a month. Hospitals are not the friendliest of places, and staying in one of them can dramatically affect your mood.
In a hospital environment, you become a set of data. You’re the number on the door. The vitals recorded on the screen by the bed. The file in the doctor’s system. The medical case for the surgeon. And even though you’ll find that the medical team is always friendly and helpful, it can be difficult sometimes to remember that you are a person. Medical centers can be so dehumanizing, especially when you are already feeling weak and poorly. But when you’re not yourself, it’s more important than ever to maintain your dignity in a hospital room.

Make the most of a stressful situation
When you’re not in full health, emotional self-care can seem like an impossible challenge. Indeed, worrying is the most natural reaction to being taken to the hospital. However,  you need to realize one important thing: Worrying doesn’t make you feel or even heal better. In fact, it also slows your immune system down. Consequently, you need to help your mind to stay positive. Meditating can help you to find a place of clarity and peace. You can keep your routine to minimal activities, such as brushing your teeth and keeping hydrated, which you can easily maintain in a hospital. Following a routine can help your mind to feel in control of the situation.

Protect your rights
Things can go wrong. While doctors have your best interests at heart, they can sometimes make mistakes that have dramatic consequences for your wellbeing. From failures to reach the correct diagnostic to additional injuries sustained as a result of an operation, medical errors can add significant complications for your health. But, you can hire a malpractice lawyer to help you get compensation for the problems you’ve suffered. By acknowledging your rights, you can regain your sense of self-respect and dignity.

The little things that make you feel human again
Unless you happen to work on the set of a medical drama, it’s fair to say that the typical hospital gowns are not the most exciting piece of clothing you’ll ever wear. When your recovery process is long, you can be sure that the more you wear the unisex medical gown, the less healthy you feel. Indeed, medical clothes are unflattering and uncomfortable. As a patient, you’re entitled to look for alternatives that make you feel and look as best as you possibly can in the situation. There are practical clothing options that can bring a sense of humanity to your recovery process.

Keep busy as well as you can
When you’re stuck in a bed, day after day, you can feel like a prisoner of your own health. Keeping your mind active can help to make time pass quickly. Why not pile a handful of books in your hospital bag, for instance? If you’re allowed to sit up, why not write about your experience and share it with others?  

Hospitals are tricky environments. On the one hand, they are designed to make you healthy, but on the other hand, everything in there deprives you of your humanity. With a handful of tips, you can change how the hospital affects your mood, and hopefully speed up your recovery time!

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