Good faith and a 21st century lifestyle

You could say it isn’t cool to have faith in 2018. Yes, millions of people around the world believe in Jesus and God, but they aren’t religious. And, even the most ardent followers find it challenging to blend their beliefs and a 21st-century lifestyle. As embarrassing as it sounds, there is too much to do on a daily basis to remember God thoroughly. So, it isn’t a surprise that some people find themselves lost between modern society and religion. But, remember that God's fought this battle before and won many times.

Here are the reasons why.

Faith Is Fluid

Back in the day, people went to church because it was a sign of their community. As much as worship, they wanted to talk and gossip and interact with their friends. Plus, it was a way to bring the family closer together. Rightly or wrongly, the same sense of community doesn’t exist today as society has become disjointed. From a faith standpoint, this has its pros and its cons but the one advantage is that you can renew your faith from anywhere in the world. A simple prayer is enough to keep the ties taught while you find the time to visit His house. He is always listening.

God Takes A Step Back

Why doesn’t He do this and why doesn’t He do that? These are questions people ask on a regular basis. Instead, what you should be thinking about is “why haven’t I done anything to help my situation?” Yes, God sees everything and He is the ultimate puppet master yet He gave us free will for a reason. As His children, we must make our own lane in life without constantly asking for advice and approval. Once a person with faith understands this, there is no way faith and a modern lifestyle can’t mix.

But He Always Answers In Times Of Need

You are in a car accident and don’t know whether your legs will work again. Because you need to act, it’s essential to speak to a doctor and a lawyer to limit the damage and recover. See more here. However, in the end, it will be the person you have believed in your entire life who will have the final say. Miracles happen and it’s because God is watching. Always thank the doctors and attorneys yet don’t forget that He guided their hand. In times of need, it’s incredible to think you are not alone even if you haven’t been the most dedicated follower.

You’re Allowed To Waiver

In fact, He wants you to try new things and contemplate different theories. Sure, sometimes they will clash with your faith and you will have a difficult decision to make. Perhaps your journey encourages you to leave His flock for a short time. It doesn’t matter because wavering only makes your faith stronger. “Great peace can only come with great suffering.”

The fact that you don’t need to deny your thoughts and feelings only helps to merge religion and a 21st-century lifestyle.

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