Fears- what keeps me up at night

Negative post so you don't have to read.. I wish I felt like I was good enough in all areas of my life. I am getting all out there in case someone can help or offer advice.

▶my marriage... I feel like he deserves better. Im not the wife who keeps a spotless house nor do I cook every day... Im exhausted and I love to do nothing. I do love him with everything

▶being a mother... I am not a great mother..i run out of patience, I get annoyed, I upset her etc.

 ▶my job... Its been 7 weeks and daily I feel like i cant do it. Like why did he hire me?

▶friendship... Im a horrible friend who ruins peoples lives (ive been told), i seldom text back, i dont hang out

▶spiritual life... I fail every day.

I go to work, try my best... Come home, scroll socia media while I compare myself to other people and wish I had it all together like they do.

Im not depressed or sad... I just cant fall asleep at night because of these fears!!

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