5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Car

Gone are the days when driving and cars were a man’s thing. On the contrary, women have proven to be more careful drivers, causing fewer car accidents than men. However, there are still those women who don’t really know much about their four-wheeled pet and its maintenance. Here are some basic things each woman should know about her car.
If you get a flat when you least expect it, and, to be honest, you never actually expect it, you should always know how to react and how to change it. It’s not an art and it doesn’t take any special skills or strength for that matter. The only thing you need is to watch somebody else do it and you’ll be fine. If nothing else, watch an online video about it. Another thing you should learn is how to check your tyre pressure. You can do this at most gas stations, so if you don’t know how to do it the first time, ask the staff there for help. Next time you’ll know what to do on your own.

Basic maintenance
When it comes to maintenance, there are things you can do yourself without too much effort. For instance, you should know how to check your oil levels and add some more if necessary. The same applies to other car fluids, like antifreeze or windshield washing fluid. If you notice that your wipers aren’t doing their job properly, you should replace their blades with new ones immediately, which you’ll be grateful for when there’s a big truck driving in front of you on a rainy day. Always have spare light bulbs and keep your car’s manual nearby, in case you need information about your car.
Professional maintenance
Regular maintenance by a professional can actually save you money since you can avoid small problems and damage turning into big and serious ones. Keeping your car in a good shape should always be your imperative. It makes driving safer and it allows your car to stay in a driving condition for longer. Also, most people get attached to a car and sometimes find it difficult to replace it when the time comes. That’s why you should find the best place, people and the best way to deal with it and get you a good price for your treasured car. And if one your friends informs you “I managed to sell my car for cash through Carbiz”, know that it was a great idea, since they can buy your car from you or sell it for you, making the transition from your old car to the new one stress-free.

Listen to your car
Although good music can be a crucial part of your driving experience, you should drive in silence for a while every time you start your car. Only this way can you hear the change in the functioning of your engine or other vital parts of your car. As soon as you hear an odd noise, if you don’t know what it is and can’t deal with it yourself, take your vehicle for a check-up and have it repaired. Knowing exactly what your car sounds like when everything is fine will allow you to hear these sounds, which can sometimes be very subtle.
Know your warning lights
One sure way to realize there’s something wrong with your car, as well as knowing exactly what it is, is by paying attention to the warning lights. There is a whole range of them in the majority of newer car models, and they’re very useful as a way to alert you of any issues with your vehicle. Knowing what each light represents makes it less complicated to deal with problems and explain what’s wrong when you call somebody to help you. And while on the subject of calling somebody, you should have your mechanic’s number memorized on your phone, along with all the other emergency service numbers you might need while on the road.
Knowing your car and making sure it’s working properly will add to your safety on the road and keep you relaxed and confident behind the wheel.  So, do your homework and learn how to care for your favourite vehicle.

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