A Pug List

What a delightful read. Who know how a little dog could change there lives. 

 Having their house burned down by an arsonist, the Hodgson family experienced grief, loss, new reality and turmoil to make it through a difficult situation not only intact, but perhaps stronger with a better perspective at the other end. Through faith, sharing, family, friends, hope and perseverance, they struggled yet realize they could survive. In The Pug List, author and mother Alison Hodgson chronicles the major event in the life of her family that changed everything…

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book by Alison Hodgson. If you are an animal lover, you will love it. If you are a pug lover, you will really love it. But if you are neither, you will still find the story of loss and rebuilding encouraging. It will help put the trials of life in perspective. It will help you come to terms with the fact that stuff is, well, just ... stuff. And that the dreams of children are really big!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.

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