5 Simple Ideas to Save Moms Time!

5 Life Hacks To Help Save Moms Time!

As a working mom, I am always trying to find ways to make life easier and simpler.

All moms know that saving time on the little things is key. It’s not often that we can just sit around without someone asking us to do something or take someone somewhere or make someone something. We love our job, but it’s relentless. 

The moment we take a seat, and as soon as our derriere hits the couch, we hear…
“Mom, Mom, Mom.”  

So, here are 5 simple life hacks that can help us save time, so we can get back to our families (or maybe even the couch).

  • Shopping Online
Almost every shop now is giving us the freedom to shop online, so we can shop for every occasion in our pj's or from our work desk.  Merchants can practically ship everything today, no matter what you’re searching for! Amazon prime is my new favorite, it is here the next day.  I also do a lot of shopping on Etsy, there are so many stay at home mom's who have shops on Etsy and I love to support small businesses.
  • Healthy Frozen Meals

They really do exist nowadays. Look for the Jamie Oliver brand. It’s easier, healthier and cheaper than ordering in or buying prepared meals- you can also meal plan and have one day per week where you can cook up several meals and freeze them so they are readily available, one day last week I made two lasagne’s- one in gluten free and one regular as my husband is GF, then I also made a beef stew as that is perfect for fall temps that we are now getting here, I also made a chilli and I froze it all so we can have lunches quickly and also when I am working my husband and daughter can have dinner's.

  • Time Sharing

Taking your kids to extracurricular with other moms. Prepare a take-a-turn schedule with other parents in your neighborhood to lessen the workload.
  • Mobile car detailing services.
I don't know about your car but my car is always a mess with kids eating between sports games, after school snacks etc, I do not have the time it takes to clean the care so when I heard of mobile car detailing I knew it was something that sounded amazing and I need more info on it. . For example, this service from The Greater Toronto Area: Wash Me Now https://www.washmenow.ca/ Totally mobile and totally convenient! They bring water and electricity no matter where your car is- I love that they bring their own water and electricity and they will clean your car anywhere.. the beach, the cottage, the front yard anywhere you are.
  • Time management 

I am a big planner girl so I use my planner to schedule out my daily life. I use it weekly, monthly and yearly to plan things that are happening even next year, this planner is always in my purse and I use it all the time. My favorite type of Mom planner is https://dokibook.com/

Bonus tip: As mothers, we deserve to relax and what better way than to sit down with a cup of tea. Tea Sante http://www.teasante.com/ will deliver right to your door so you don't have to go out and find tea when you want to relax. There are so many flavors and types to choose from. They have black tea, Rooibos, herbal, organic and even iced for those hot summer days. Rooibos is one of my favorite teas, sit down with tea while you watch your favorite TV show or read a book... it really makes me relax after a stressful day at work or a day of cooking and cleaning house.  It is relaxation at it's finest.


What do you do to relax after a busy day?


  1. I do ALL of my shopping online. I have even done grocery shopping online when the kids were sick or I just didn't feel like dragging them through the store. Online shopping has saved my life a million times.

  2. I have started doing more and more shopping online the last couple of years. I just feel like I have better things to do that stand in a line or lines! It certainly takes a lot of the stress out of shopping. I appreciate all your other tips too. The mobile car cleaning service....yeah, that's gotta be pretty neat.

  3. These ideas are fantastic. I have never heard of mobile detailing of our cars! And those frozen meals sound like I should check them out too. Thanks, Amy

  4. I have never heard of mobile car detailing! I must google to see if there is one near me asap! I'm also a big fan of online shopping. Just about anything can be purchased on amazon and shipped to me two days later. love it!

  5. I'm an online shopping gal for sure!

  6. online shopping and my planner definitely save my sanity most weeks... great reminders!

  7. I definitely need help in the planning department for dinners. I have never seen Jamie Oliver brands in our stores. Where do you get it? I'd love to check them out. These are all great time-saving ideas for moms!


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