A Day in the life of Me

I have been asked to share what a day in mylife is like:

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off
6:35 Snooze goes off ( gotta love the snooze)
635-6:45- Shower, if I never the night before
6:45- 7:00- getting clothes, shoes, and accessories ready
7:00- Kitchen to make breakfast and lunch
7:20- Out the door
7:45- arrive at Brooke's school
8:00- at my office
8:05- turns computer on and goes to make tea
8:10-8:30- Check voice mails
8:30- 9:00- Check emails ( always a lot)
9:00- 10:00- review my day.
10:15-12:00- Calling customers for special order parts to have them scheduled
12:30-1:00- Lunch- I catch up on blogs etc
1:00- 4:00- Answering phones, booking appointments, calling for customer satisfaction.
4:00-5:00- Send any special order part request to my parts manager
                - check voice mail and email
                - filing
                - make sure my plan of attack for the day has been completed.
5:05-5:10- get ready to leave
I run any errands I may need to run on my way home.
5:45- arrive home
6:00- make dinner, we eat as a family so we catch up on the day etc
7:00- Monday Nights- Brooke has Piano lessons, Tuesdays are my laundry nights, Wednesday I have bible study so It is a short stay at home before we leave again, thankfully the church is like 3 mins away. It depends on what night it is to really know what I do at night. 
9:00-11:00 Home, bath, take meds, watch Tv, hang out with hubby  call my best friend and then off to  bed for another sleep and do it all again


  1. Busy life, but looks like a good one! Your list includes many things to be thankful for. Have a great day. - Amy

  2. My day had structure in it when I worked outside the home. Still figuring things out as a stay at home momma.

  3. make sure you have time to spend with God... :)

  4. That was fun to follow your day/week. Love it!

  5. What's typically the favorite part of your day Terri? I'm working on identifying that in my own life. :)


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